Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guest Blogger: Nick is Here!

Time To Hire!
Kathmandu, Nepal

First, I would like to thank Subhash, Bhuban, and Angilla for extending their warmest welcome to my arrival here in Kathmandu and providing such wonderful hospitality to me thus far.

Miraculously avoiding any effects of jet lag (only an 11 hour time difference between here and home), I have been able to spend my three first days seeing Kathmandu and engaging in some preliminary work for the Peace School and foundation. This includes a variety of tasks from reworking and developing a workable balance sheet to work with estimated incomes and expenses dependant on student enrolment, enrolment fees, and scholarships, to developing methods to document and organize future student information and reports.

However, although these tasks keep me busy here in Kathmandu, I spent the day preparing for a series of interviews that we will be holding via skype and phone with over a dozen selected applicants to our teacher and headmaster job postings. After reading through dozens of cover letters and resumes, I have been able to summarize applicant strengths and weaknesses, and develop specific questions to ask each of the second round applicants. From cover letters and resumes alone, it seems like there will be a lot of tough decisions, as many of the applicants have proven themselves extremely worthy of the positions.  In fact, many of the experiences of the applicants have got us extremely excited for what they will potentially bring to the children and community of Arupokhari.

Riddled with this excitement I need to get back to my work. 

Dhanyabad (Thank you) to all those who have supported the foundation and Peace School, and Happy New Year from Kathmandu!

Nicholas Kang
External Director of Operations & Admissions
Sarswati Peace School

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  1. Nick, WELCOME! So excited to hear that you're safe, happy, and there ;).
    I just received some resources on hiring, and if you're in need of any extra information let me know, I'm just learning but can provide what I know. All the best in this selection process!