Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Headmistress: Caitalin Petruccio

We have finally selected the head of Sarswati Peace School. And here is a message from the headmistress:

Dear Sarswati community: I would like to say that I am incredibly
honored to announce that I will be accepting the position of
Headmistress! I look forward to working with everyone at the Sarswati
School and am anxious to get started.   With such an amazing group of
people I know we can accomplish great things. On a personal note, I am
finishing up my work in India and will be spending May/June completing
my coursework on social conflict in Israel/Palestine. Everyone in
India has wonderful things to say about Nepal and I am ecstatic to
arrive in July!


Her Intro: 

Caitlin grew up in New Hyde Park, New York.  She went to school in Boston where she graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Human Services.  While there she traveled throughout the Middle East studying Arabic language, culture and social conflict. She also spent time in India working with local NGOs
Caitlin has worked with children ages 3- 17 for over seven years in many different capacities.  She spent most of her summers as a camp counselor for young children and tutored inner-city students during the academic year.  She has taught subjects ranging from civic engagement to personal hygiene and sanitation.  She loves working with children, particularly in India and is incredibly excited to join the Sarswati Team in July!

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  1. thats wonderful to help the school, our hats off to the volunteering teacher