Friday, November 4, 2011

Computer and EduKit Classes!!!

We recently started using this program called EduKit for all levels at our school. The kids don't want to go home now!

The school chairman is teaching O-level using EduKit software!

For the first time the children are learning computer skills!

This would have been impossible dream for these children!

Thank you Lex Limbu and Deepika Tuladhar for generous contribution! You help made this happen!


Typing tutor..awww...soo reminded of my school days in this fancy school in Kathmandu! I first saw computers when I was in fourth grade at Budhanilkantha School in Nepal.


  1. Great going Subhash...Peace School children will be turning into GEEKS within few years....:)

  2. Now THIS is a school that embraces technology. I can't find a laptop for my son to bring to school since they're very strict with using outside laptops.

    How are the kids doing now?

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