Thursday, November 18, 2010

Admissions Open: Ready, Set, Go!

There comes a moment in everyone's life when you realize that the work you have been doing is actually going to change people's lives. That's how I felt today. As I, along with Sabi, was busy editing and re-editing the entrance form for our peace school, it reminded me of the time I sat for the national entrance test conducted by Budhanilkantha School. God knows how I passed that test and here I am today. 

 We designed, edited, printed and packed. The packages will leave for Arupokhari, Gorkha early morning tomorrow. I just cannot explain how excited I am! Our peace school will not only produce doctors, pilots and lawyers but leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and visionary people that will, one day, make all of us proud.
The Entrance form in Nepali

 The Entrance form with the Sasrwati Foundation's official seal of approval
 Testing my translation skills
 Sabi is amazing when it comes to Nepali language. I am pleasantly surprised. 
 The forms are almost ready :)
 Here it is!
 Packed, sealed and stamped
 The packages are ready now. The admissions for the long awaited Sarswati Peace School is open!
People often ask me here in Nepal: why did you return? Why don't you want to stay in US and earn money? Well, I just cannot explain the deep satisfaction and extreme joy when you see the possibility of giving opportunity to the poorest kids that now dreams of becoming doctor or pilot. My village does not have a single doctor or pilot to this day. Still, no one wants to settle for anything less. And now I want those kids to really work towards getting there. I will provide them the opportunities and resources.

 Ready, set, Go! It just excites me. I want to change the lives of hundreds of kids. Are you up for the challenge?


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  2. Subhash Ghimire, what you are doing is incredible. Updates on your venture always inspire me. You are indeed a hero of Nepal.