Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winner: We won US$6,000 grant from the Clinton Global Initiative University

Our work featured in the Clinton Global Initiative University 
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It reads:

Sarswati Peace School: Building Hope for Nepalese Children

    Subhash Ghimire commits to building a “Peace School” in Arupokhari, his village in Western Nepal, to help over 250 children (between the ages of four and fifteen) who are affected by the violence of civil war.
    Nepal’s civil war (1996-2006) left an overwhelming number of children physically and psychologically scarred, and deprived them of their basic right to learn. Yet the Nepalese government has not started any programs or projects to address post-war problems faced by adolescents. Furthermore, the Nepalese school curricula have never focused on peace or peaceful living in communities.
    Subhash plans to use the CGI U funds to build part of a library, classroom space, and a computer lab. The strategy underlying the Sarswati Peace School is to invest in the future of Nepal through a grassroots, culturally-appropriate peace education effort that not only meets the educational needs of the children in the village, but also radiates outward into their families, and forward into the future, by equipping them for peace in their adult lives. Drawing on the resources of their rich cultural heritage, Sarswati will integrate play, drama, storytelling, gardening, music and dance, arts and crafts, and sports. The school environment will enable each child to develop a non-violent character and practice using techniques embedded in local culture to creatively resolve conflict.
    Thank you President Clinton!
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